What’s on the menu?

Click Here to see previous meals, descriptions, ingredients, and heating instructions.

What will my meals cost?

Main for two people* - $16.00, Main for four people - $32.00, Main for six people - $42.00 (*Prices may vary)

Side for two people* - $5.00, Side for four people - $7.00, Side for six people - $11.00 (*Prices may vary)

Weekly Indulgence - Priced Accordingly

Spotlight Soup - Priced Accordingly

What makes YouMeal unique and special?

Fresh, healthy, delicious meals using ingredients grown and raised right here on the Island. No sodium nitrate or monosodium glutamate. Zero potassium bromate or tartrazine. If you can’t pronounce it – it just isn’t in there.


Where do you deliver?

Charlottetown, Stratford, Cornwall, Mermaid, Gulf Shore, Central Queens and New Haven – to your home or workplace. Pick up service, for our West Prince customers,is every Thursday at Pat’s Irving in Alberton and the Guardian Drug in O’Leary.
If you're wondering whether you reside in our delivery or drop off area, please send us a note to and we will get back to you.

What day do you deliver and drop off meals?

We deliver on Wednesday between 9am and 5pm. Up West orders can be picked up on Thursday at Pat’s Irving in Alberton, and the Guardian Drug in O’Leary, between 4pm and 6pm.


How does the food taste?



What if I have food allergies?

The ingredients are listed alongside the week’s meal options.


Will the meals keep in the fridge/freezer?

They sure will. But some freeze better than others. Email us if you’re unsure.


Am I obligated to place an order every week?

Absolutely not. But once you taste Emily’s meals, YouMeal might become an addiction.


How does my meal arrive?

Packaged and chilled. Simply heat as per Emily’s instructions, plate and serve. And relax. It's all about relaxing.



What if I am not home when my meal arrives?

We recommend leaving a cooler outside for us. If you have a busy day at the office, we can leave it at the front desk or with your co-workers. When you place your order, simply key in your address and delivery instructions where indicated.


How much is delivery?

$5 to your home or workplace. No standing in line at the counter. No idling in the drive thru. Fresh, locally sourced, delicious meals – delivered to your door.